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Re: Panels on Nautilus

Hi Paul,

On Sat, 2004-02-14 at 11:14 +0000, Paul wrote:
> Is there anyway to restore the panels (back, forward and the URL box)
> that were there on previous versions of Nautilus. They were really
> handy!

I noticed that, too.  Apparently there are now two views with Nautilus,
the new single window per view (I think they call it 'object' view or
similar) and the old way.  To (re)enable the old way, start nautilus
with the --browser flag, or open a folder by right-clicking and
selecting Browse Folder.

While we are on the topic of usability 'improvements' with Gnome 2.5.x,
I must admit I can't stand the new Open/Save file dialog (try it with
gedit or file-roller).  It is poorly laid out, improperly sized and
unnecessarily complex.  Most annoyingly, I can no longer use the simple
bookmarks interface with the Extract to command in file-roller (it keeps
telling me my file system doesn't support bookmarks, although it worked
fine up until the upgrade!) and I have to navigate through the messy
file dialog every time.  If anyone knows how to reset it back to the old
dialog, please let me know.



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