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Re: More Garzik and the libata (SATA) BLAH committee

Jesse Keating wrote:

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On Saturday 14 February 2004 11:54, raxet wrote:

Still doesn't work. Built the 2.6.2-1.79custom kernel, made a driver
diskette to use with FC2 test 1 install.


No workee using the same procedure ( see
http://www.fys.ku.dk/~esban/promise376.html ) tried and tested since
RH9, FC1 etc.
So I suggest you all go soak your heads <just kidding>.

If your module was built with the version tag of "custom" at the end, it will not work. Load the BOOT config from configs/ edit Makefile to be "2.6.2-1.79BOOT" and then build your module/driver disk.

I can appreciate your approach, but wouldn't it have been much simpler to just add
the PROMISE support into the FC2 test 1 hardware detect phase on CD 1? I think
so. I don't understand why this got bumped to begin with. Libata support had been
thoroughly tested and worked for many of us way before FC2 test 1 was released.
Back in October to be exact.

Could you perhaps help me understand why the custom driver which boots with sata
support couldn't be incorporated in this attempt to get FC2 test 1 to detect a drive. I get
to the point of going to Disk Druid (after the detection of an earlier FC install failed)
and when I go "Next" I get the message :
"An error occured, no valid devices were found on which to create new file system.
Please check your hardware for the cause of this problem."

Is esban's http://www.fys.ku.dk/~esban/promise376.html page an inappropriate work around
for this?

Thanks for your help.


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