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Re: More Garzik and the libata (SATA) BLAH committee

Pekka Pietikainen wrote:

Could you perhaps help me understand why the custom driver which boots
with sata support couldn't be incorporated in this attempt to get FC2 test
1 to detect a drive. I get to the point of going to Disk Druid (after the
detection of an earlier FC install failed) and when I go "Next" I get the
message : "An error occured, no valid devices were found on which to
create new file system. Please check your hardware for the cause of this

I just checked, and the installer supports my promise 20376 just fine.
It didn't autodetect it, but choosing the "Add Driver" menu, selecting sata_promise from list of drivers and the drives got detected just nicely.

So basically hwdata should be updated (read: someone needs to do a patch
and bugzilla it :-) ), but you definately should be able to do an
install without any special tricks.

I feel like an absolute ass! Sorry Jeff et. al. for my diatribe.

Yes I'm working now with 2.6... thanks!

RaXeT (embarrassed)

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