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Fedora Core 2 Test 1 - comments.

System previously humming along flawlessly with FC1, clean
install of FC2-T1.

Notes :
01. At boot failed to detect USB wheel mouse (regression from FC1).
02. During boot Cpuspeed fails with errors.
03. During boot Automount gives failure message (no mount points).
04. Keyboard disabled mid install using SMP kernel (reboot try again).
05. Sound card correctly detected (SB Live!) but inoperative.
06. Post install X Screensaver daemon not running for some reason.
07. Post install DHCP & NIC self configured correctly but totally
08. Post install cannot log out from Gnome (ctrl-alt-backspace
09. Nautilus crashes every second click.
10. Numerous warts in main menu's.
11. Configured printer - wrong page size for locale.
12. Post configuration of printer, CUPS inoperative.

Comment : 
01. Too many problems for little me to fix.
02. KDE 3.2 claimed to be _much_ faster but this was not obvious to me
my hardware.
03. Kernel 2.6 claimed to be much faster, not obvious to me.
04. Gnome 2.5 too immature (wait for 2.6?)

Test PC :
Dell Dimension 8250 (Intel chipset mobo), P4 3Ghz, 512Mb RDRAM, 80Gb
Western Digital ATA100 IDE HDD.

Question :
Before trudging over to bugzilla, have I encountered anything new

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