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Re: Fedora Core 2 Test 1 - comments.

listmail wrote:

02. During boot Cpuspeed fails with errors.

There's a bugzilla about it... looks like kudzu or cpuspeed could be tweaked a little more...

03. During boot Automount gives failure message (no mount points).

This always happened to me , even on FC1 and RH9... on RH9 , I ended editing /etc/rc.d/rc.local and adding direct calls to autofs..

05. Sound card correctly detected (SB Live!) but inoperative.

system-config-sound doesnt unmute the channels nor raise the volume... also alsa-utils isnt installed.. Only after I installed alsa-utils I was able to hear something on my sb live..

Comment : 01. Too many problems for little me to fix.

Hey , this is a test release... it exists for us to find the bugs before they sneak in the official release

02. KDE 3.2 claimed to be _much_ faster but this was not obvious to me
on my hardware.

well , kde and gnome are faster , but sometimes they simply stop responding on my machine.. most of the time , if I press something like alt+tab , they come back to life...

03. Kernel 2.6 claimed to be much faster, not obvious to me.

Weird.. after installing FC2t1 , it looked like I had bought a new processor and more ram...

One of the things I found out: yum is working fine (besides the fact that I had to add "exclude = qt qt-devel kdelibs redhat-artwork" because of broken dependencies) , but up2date is not (using the default config). Also , up2date finds 29 available updates , but yum finds none (looking at two different mirrors and the official download site)...

So far , I'm liking FC2 a lot... I cant wait to see the final release...

Btw, my machine on which I'm running FC1 and FC2t1:
Athlon XP 1800+
Asus A7N8X-Deluxe
3 hdds
Sb live
tv capture card
Ati radeon 9500 pro

Pedro Macedo

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