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Re: FC2 test1: install glitches and comments (resend, last one was too big)

Ricky Ng-Adam wrote:
This can be done via the menu when configuring the login screen. Putting it less in the open discourages this overall bad practice.

Yes... Bad practice on the server I understand, but on my own, personal, single user laptop? What is the reasoning? Well, sure this is not Lindows or MDK, but no reason to be as friendly as possible with user's who have this on their laptop or desktop.

Perhaps, but I'd hate to lose my laptop and give the next guy one less step to get my data. The 5-10 second inconvenience is worth that small piece of mind - granted anyone with skills can easily circumvent that anyway.

I think it is much worse to have the "Login Screen Setup" with the Security tab having "Allow root to login with GDM" and "Allow root to login remotely with GDM".

Agreed. Ideally we'd be forced to not be able to use root at the GDM login at all (at least remotely), but rather su - for everything or be prompted for a root password case by case. However, that could be seen as a bit too "nannyish".


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