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Re: FC2 test1 and KVM switch

On Sun, 15 Feb 2004, Gene C. wrote:

> OK, I know, I know that Red Hat does not support the use of KVM switches.
> But, some of use depend on them.
> Is anyone experiencing problems with FC2 test1 and a KVM switch.
> I am using a Belkin 4 port Omni Cube and have had zero problems with it and 
> previous releases.  With FC2 test1, when I first install and boot the system 
> up everything works fine.
> However, if I switch to another system and then back to the FC2 test1 system,  
> the mouse starts jumping all over the screen.  The keyboard and monitor seem 
> to work fine.
> The mouse is a PS2 interface Logitech TrackMan Wheel.
> Anyone else seeing this (or positively NOT seeing it)?

So far I have not seen it on FC2T1. I have experienced this with FC1 though.
FWIW switching to a VT and back into X clears it up, at least it did with FC1.

The switch is a iogear Miniview 4 port. It even lets the dcc stuff for X work
properly. IOW my monitor gets detected properly.


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