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Re: FC2 test1 and KVM switch

"Gene C." <czar czarc net> wrote:

> I am using a Belkin 4 port Omni Cube and have had zero problems
> with it and previous releases.
> However, if I switch to another system and then back to the FC2
> test1 system, ? the mouse starts jumping all over the screen.

I am using a Belkin OmniView E-series 4-port KVM switch, an MS 
Internet Keyboard, and a HP-branded but I think Logitech-made 
2-button basic mouse, (all PS/2 stuff) and I haven't had this 

I did notice when I first booted into KDE after the upgrade that the 
mouse was moving a lot faster; mouse sensitivity setting must have 
changed and I didn't bother changing it back, got used to it pretty 
quick.  But it was faster, not jumpy.

Your problem does sound suspiciously like one that used to plague me 
at work with older/cheaper KVMs, even on Windows machines...  When 
you say the cursor jumps all over, are we talking so bad that it ends 
up at the sides of the screen most of the time?  And random button 
events, so that mass chaos ensues?  If it is a driver problem, Linux 
drivers aren't the only ones with the problem...


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