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tcp connection problem

i installed FC2 test1 on my linux machine yeterday.

this machine is connected to the internet thro a netgear wgr614 router. thro a wireless ethhernet bridge ( linksys). basically im behind a NAT and the neatgear router is my dhcp server.

when i bring up eth0 , i get a dhcp allocated ip address. i can ping websites in the internet. i can access websites in my local LAN.

but AM NOT ABLE TO CONNECT to sites in the internet.
ethereal shows the SYN for the TCP connect getting retransmitted but gets no reply at all.
UDP seems to be working fine.

I did a custom insatll with ALL packages selected. with firewall disabled.

can anyone help me. i tried everything i knew. dns works, UDP works , tcp doesnt work outside my locallan. i was running redhat 9 earlier and everything was working fine then.

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