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Re: tcp connection problem

Am Mo, den 16.02.2004 schrieb RamrajPrabu Balasubramanian um 00:22:
> i installed FC2 test1 on my linux machine yeterday.
> this machine is connected to the internet thro a netgear wgr614 router. thro 
> a wireless ethhernet bridge ( linksys). basically im behind a NAT and the 
> neatgear router is my dhcp server.
> when i bring up eth0 , i get a dhcp allocated ip address. i can ping 
> websites in the internet. i can access websites in my local LAN.
> but AM NOT ABLE TO CONNECT to sites in the internet.
> ethereal shows the SYN for the TCP connect getting retransmitted but gets no 
> reply at all.
> UDP seems to be working fine.
> I did a custom insatll with ALL packages selected. with firewall disabled.
> can anyone help me. i tried everything i knew. dns works, UDP works , tcp 
> doesnt work outside my locallan. i was running redhat 9 earlier and 
> everything was working fine then.

Is I just answered to the other subject "FC2 test1 network issue".

Maybe this helps, add to /etc/sysctl.conf:

# Disable ECN
net.ipv4.tcp_ecn = 0

and run "systctl -p" (modified sysctl.conf is loaded automagically on
next boot time).


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