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Re: CPU Error

On Mon, 2004-02-16 at 19:08, Eric Ebert wrote:
>  I woke up this morning to find the following error on my system. I was wondering if
>  anybody else had seen it. I've never had a linux system give me anything like it in the
>  past. 
>  MCE: The hardware reports a non-fatal, correctable incident occured on CPU 0
>  Bank 1: 9400000000000151
>  I'm running the SMP kernel on FC2-test1 on a dual AMD MP 2400+ system.

2.6 does more (perhaps excessive in some cases) checks. There's a
background polling timer that kicks in every 5 seconds that looks at the
machine check exception registers to see if anything nasty happened.

In an ideal world, MCEs only get raised when bad hardware misbehaves
(ie, due to overclocking, bad cooling etc). However they can also be
triggered through device drivers doing bad things. What other hardware
is in the box (or rather, what drivers are in use) ?

There are also some circumstances where it picks up false positives
(usually during suspend/resume, or some other BIOS-involved task).


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