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Re: FC2 test1

Alan Cox wrote:

On Sun, Feb 15, 2004 at 10:25:04AM -0500, Chris Kloiber wrote:

Dell generally does not ship the analog audio cable as Windows drivers
pull the audio data off using the IDE cable. While you're in there, I
recommend setting all IDE devices to either master or slave as

There are Linux drivers that will also do this, but Gnome doesnt seem to include one by default. Which way is better is subject to much argument but I imagine to dell its a matter of saving 30cents or whatever

If have an internal IDE CD-RW drive that I can play music CDs from, however, I cannot hear music from the same music CD inserted into an external Sony 510 DVD+-RW/+-R connected via USB2.0. FC2T1 detects that the Music CD is in the drive, starts the GNOME CD Player application and starts to play the CD. I speculate that the reason I can't here music is that there is no analog audio cable on this external drive. Isn't this a bug? Is this a problem for all external CD drives?

As an aside, I don't think ALSA sound should muted by default in FC. I think that sound should be unmuted and volume set to "low". If we really don't want the PC to make any sound until configured to do so by the user we could default the volume to zero. Then the user would only need to move the volume up on the Volume Control applet in the Gnome Panel.

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