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Re: Auto-login default for Personal/Workstation (Re: FC2 test1: install glitches and comments)

William Hooper wrote:
Ricky Ng-Adam said:

So I'd say: let advanced users configure the login password (so the
inverse of what you told me at the beginning) and have the 90% of users
who don't want to bother with an username/password auto-login.

IMHO security should win by default, with the option to change it later (with the understanding that the user understands the consequences).

OK, OK! <grumble> <grumble> ;-)

Well, why not put it it in the first boot configuration with a default to "No" and an explanation that it is only recommended for personal, home computers? As I've said, 90% of the users are going to want to use this functionnality, but the newbies won't even KNOW it is possible if you don't give them the choice. This isn't for me personnaly, it is for /them/...

Anyway, I'll shut up now - if I can't convince the developers that this is worth it it is not like *I* will do anything about it ;-)...



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