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Creating boot section from /boot partitition

Hello Fedora2 testers,

Install went well, but due to my main ntfs drive, FC2-test1 does not boot, as expected. So I'm trying to create the 512-byte boot section (i.e. linux.bin) for my windows boot.ini.

The problem is that the boot partition does not seem to start from its first section. After doing on linux rescue: (/dev/hda5 is the /boot partition)
dd if=/dev/hda5 of=/mnt/.../linux.bin bs=512 count=1
This gives me a linux.bin that does not boot to anywhere, just hangs. I did a default installation, and used my previous linux partitions for FC2.

How can I create boot section (linux.bin) that I can use for dual booting? Or do I have to specify some options during the installation of grub?
Before FC2-test1 I had RH9 there and booted without trouble (of course after I had created the linux.bin from its /boot partitition).

All links and suggestions are welcome, thanks.


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