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Re: FC2 First Impressions (Nautilus, Sound and Evolution)

Paul wrote:

What you could do in the meantime is merely build an asound file without muting and let that be the default when the sound card's been discovered.


Huh? Is the reason why the drivers did not "work" is because ALSA defaults to driver-mute? B/s the bzilla reads like you're trying to load 2.4.x drivers onto 2.6, which makes little sense...

What I think might make sense is,

1. if kudzu sees a new sound card, have it also create a default /etc/asound.state file where the output channel isn't muted.
2. If you run system-config-sound, have it's panel come up with a control to set the volume/mute flag.
3. Because I have a IBM Thinkpad, soundcards are not found. I'd like to pass a command-line parameter to tell it which IRQ to use. That'd be a Release Notes kind of thing.
4. I don't see alsactl installed, either. Yeah, it's ugly curses stuff, but you need something to set asound.state with...

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