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Re: Creating boot section from /boot partitition

On Tue, 2004-02-17 at 00:24 +0200, Jaak Simm wrote:

> Hello Fedora2 testers,
> Install went well, but due to my main ntfs drive, FC2-test1 does not 
> boot, as expected. So I'm trying to create the 512-byte boot section 
> (i.e. linux.bin) for my windows boot.ini.
> The problem is that the boot partition does not seem to start from its 
> first section. After doing on linux rescue: (/dev/hda5 is the /boot 
> partition)
>    dd if=/dev/hda5 of=/mnt/.../linux.bin bs=512 count=1
> This gives me a linux.bin that does not boot to anywhere, just hangs. I 
> did a default installation, and used my previous linux partitions for FC2.

Didn't think Windows could boot an extended partition, but if you had it
working before it must be possible.  You haven't given enough info to
get definitive help.  Did you do an upgrade or install?  Since you said
"Install went well" I'll assume the latter, and guess that grub did not
get configured correctly.  You may have the grub info from RH9 in the
boot record on /dev/hda5 rather than FC1.  Info from "fdisk -l", "/etc/
fstab", and "/boot/grub/grub.conf" would be useful.

> How can I create boot section (linux.bin) that I can use for dual 
> booting? Or do I have to specify some options during the installation of 
> grub?
> Before FC2-test1 I had RH9 there and booted without trouble (of course 
> after I had created the linux.bin from its /boot partitition).
> All links and suggestions are welcome, thanks.

I'd forget the Windoze boot loader and put GRUB in the MBR, but then I'm
clueless on multiboot with M$ in charge.  Provide the info above and
perhaps I or someone else can help with one approach or the other.


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