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Re: RE: Can not mount cdrom need tools to debug problems

"Peter A. Banks" <peter_banks charter net> wrote:

> Whenever I try to do a mount /dev/cdrom I get an Invalid block
> device. This was a machine that had a working grub configuration
> line (hdc=ide_scsi) and was upgraded from FC1 to FC2.
> Using the newest kernel 2.6.2-1.81 i686 athlon.

Welcome to 2.6...  they finally got ride of ide-scsi.  Temporary pain, 
but if your drive is a DVD burner, no more switching to ide-scsi to 
burn then back to ide-cd to run things that use libdvdread/libdvdcss 
(like mplayer).

You'll want to remove any references to it in your boot kernel 
parameters (the hdc=ide_scsi you mentioned) and in modprobe.conf; let 
the normal ide/atapi driver handle it.

Not all apps have been updated to handle this; the cdrecord in FC2 is 
fine, use dev=/dev/hdc instead of dev=1,0,0 or whatever you were 
using.  Same for Schilly's cdrecord-proDVD; you'll want to go get the 
latest version.  I'm a cli guy, if you use xcdroast or whatever, 
you'll have to figure out where the setting is yourself.  I haven't 
checked the latest dvdrecord (from dvdrtools) to see if it's been 
updated yet.


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