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FC2 Install Problems

I have had numerous problems installing. Just thought I'd send out email
before I file bugs in case these are known issues.

Here's my configuration.

Intel Motherboard.
Intel e100 NIC
Adaptec U160 SCSI on the Motherboard.
Orange Micro Add in PCI USB2 and 1394a  Card.

Four SCSI Disk -- Seen by BIOS
2 USB2 Disk -- Seen by OS not BIOS
All FS are ext3
/dev/sda1 -- /boot
/dev/md0 --  / for Redhat AS3
/dev/md1 -- / for FC1
/dev/md2 -- formatted ext3 but unused.

/dev/sda1 -- scsi drive0
/dev/md0 and /dev/md1 use scsi drives1-3
/dev/md2 uses usb2 drives0,1


1) PXE Boot install of FC2-TEST1 gets SIGSEGV AIC7xxx driver loading at
bootup, not sure if it was loading the driver because if I got to vt4 it
shows that aic7xxx loaded so It may be SEGV somewhere else, vt1 show loading
AIC7XX blue screen.
2) Booting from CD with askmethod NFS install works but Fedora Core 1
install on /dev/md1 not recognized for upgrade. So I went with new install.
3) I have a raid0 on two external USB2 Disk setup in FC1 /dev/md2. Diskdruid
shows the filesystems on all MD's as foreign not ext3. I don't know why so I
tried reformatting /dev/md2 and installing root fs on this disk, but it
crashed while trying to format the fs.
4) So I went ahead and deleted the raid /dev/md2 and recreated with the
installer. This works, and install completes.
5) On reboot grub fails to boot. This is because the grub.conf has root(2,0)
but /boot is on the scsi drive0 drive. But the installer loads usb-storage
driver before aic7xxx so in the install so /dev/sda and /dev/sdb are UDB2.0
disk and /dev/sdc,d,e,f are the scsi built-in drives. When the system
reboots the USB2.0 is in an add-in card so the BIOS only sees the scsi
disks. Booting into rescue mode and changing grub.conf to root(0,0) fixed
the problem.
6) Finally rebooting Linux boots but then hangs while loading aic7xxx

So I gave up and just installed on my laptop. Everything worked with IDE.


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