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Re: FC2 test 1 apt repository

On Mon, Feb 16, 2004 at 09:42:43AM +0200, Panu Matilainen wrote:
> For the moment you can use this one: 
> http://fedora.laiskiainen.org/fc2-test/ It's pending QA at fedora.us so 
> you'll be helping the process by testing it...

I just caused it to barf:

[root strummer root]# apt-get update
You don't seem to have one or more of the needed GPG keys in your RPM
Importing them now...
Get:1 http://ayo.us.freshrpms.net fedora/linux/test/i386 release [536B]
Get:2 http://ayo.us.freshrpms.net fedora/linux/development/i386 release
Fetched 1069B in 1s (1026B/s)
Hit http://ayo.us.freshrpms.net fedora/linux/test/i386/core pkglist
Hit http://ayo.us.freshrpms.net fedora/linux/test/i386/core release
Hit http://ayo.us.freshrpms.net fedora/linux/test/i386/core srclist
Get:1 http://ayo.us.freshrpms.net fedora/linux/development/i386/core
pkglist [1970kB]
Hit http://ayo.us.freshrpms.net fedora/linux/development/i386/core
Get:2 http://ayo.us.freshrpms.net fedora/linux/development/i386/core
srclist [185kB]
Fetched 2155kB in 14s (150kB/s)
Segmentation fault
[root strummer root]#

...and now it continues to segfault after every apt-get command.

I can provide more info if requested.


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