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Re: Lets take the worst of windows and make it the unchangeable defaultof linux

Stephen Moore wrote:

I have just been using nautilus and am appalled at its behaviour. I have long laughted at windows where its default behaviour is so awful that you have to change _every_ single default choice, only to find that nautilus now mimics this behaviour.

While this is appalling, at least windows allows you to fix this behaviour. Nautilous opens a new windows with each click, with no obvious way to make it open in the existing window

afair you can change this settings in nautilus itself or with
$ gconf-editor

afaik it is a good choice to search in /apps and /desktop for your prefered settings

and has no navigation bar, with no way to change the behaviour.

a short time ago i have read in this list that you can right-click on eg. computer:/// "open in browser"
oops, :-[

$  nautilus --browser

-- shrek-m

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