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Re: Lets take the worst of windows and make it the unchangeable default of linux

On Tuesday 17 February 2004 05:42, Stephen Moore wrote:
> I have just been using nautilus and am appalled at its behaviour. I have
> long laughted at windows where its default behaviour is so awful that
> you have to change _every_ single default choice, only to find that
> nautilus now mimics this behaviour.
> While this is appalling, at least windows allows you to fix this
> behaviour. Nautilous opens a new windows with each click, with no
> obvious way to make it open in the existing window and has no navigation
> bar, with no way to change the behaviour.

Don't like the new behavior and agree with you about it.

Unfortunately, this is not a Red Hat problem ... this is a gnome problem ... 
an upstream problem.  Except for a single BlueCurve theme for both kde and 
gnome, Red Hat is trying to keep as close as possible to what is available 

The place to gripe about this is one of the upstream gnome mailing lists.  If 
you check the mail list archives and the gnome cvs, you might be able to 
identify the individual(s) responsible and, maybe, why they have done this.

Obviously mention of this here will have some effect since some of the gnome 
developers are also Red Hat employees.

I have never used nautilus extensively.  The new version will be used even 
less (maybe never).

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