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Evolution 1.5

Added this bug to bugzilla (115978). Evolution will not let you import any old Evolution 1.4 mbox files.


I will be adding another one shortly. One that all should watch for. When installing FC2 test1 on a dual boot system, FC2 rearranges the partition tables. I installed Windows XP first on partition1. Then installed FC2 test1 on the remaining unpartitioned space on the hard drive. Then  I tried to boot to Windows XP and it wouldn’t. Grub was looking for Windows XP on hd0,0 but in actual fact it had moved to hd0,4. I check this out by running dos’s fdisk, this is what it looked like


  1. non dos partition
  2. non dos partition
  3. extended partition
  4. fat32


The strangest thing though when I mount the Windows partition, in FC2 test1, I just do mount /dev/hda1 /mnt/windowsxp and the partition mounts. I test this by going to /mnt/windowsxp and all the windows partition is there.



P.S. One thing I didn’t do was to check it  by using linux’s fdisk to see what the partitions looked like. DOH

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