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Re: Things I've noticed so far with fc2-test1

On Tue, Feb 17, 2004 at 08:33:31AM -0500, Sessoms, Mack wrote:
> cd's don't automatically eject anymore during install
> nautilus looks and behaves horribly.  i've never entertained a desktop 
> env. other than gnome, i may now.
> sound works with some apps, not all
> graphical greeter screens don't display properly, especially "happy gnome"
> i cannot successfully save my isp preferences when using the internet 
> configuration wizard
> system settings-->server settings-->* applets don't work
> sound & video-->volume control doesn't work

Have you added these bugs to Bugzilla yet?

If people don't log these bugs, the developers won't see them all and
potentially won't get them fixed in time.


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