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kernel docs and SCTP?

I upgraded to FC2 with the hope of gaining access to SCTP, a new
networking protocol, that is said to be in kernel 2.6. Apparently, it is
not included by default and the kernel needs to be rebuilt with the
appropriate switches set. I looked at the documentation section under
/usr/src for 2.6 and there was a README file that indicated that the
documentation for doing this sort of thing could be made available by
running make with the specified format (e.g. htmldocs). I tried every
combination: htmldocs, pdfdocs, psdocs, and none would pass the make
because of missing components.

The README also advised to get the documentation from any of the mirror
download sites. I checked a few of the U.S. East coast sites and couldn't
find any documentation downloads for FC2.

I'm new to working with the test versions and don't yet know my way
around. What documentation is available concerning building the kernel and
where can I find it?

Also, who is familiar with SCTP under Linux? I want to build some test
applications that run on it and would like some information on where to
find the API's and so forth.

- Mark Hufe

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