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Re: Creating boot section from /boot partitition

On Mon, 16 Feb 2004, Phil Schaffner wrote:

> Didn't think Windows could boot an extended partition, but if you had it
> working before it must be possible.  You haven't given enough info to
> get definitive help.  Did you do an upgrade or install?  Since you said
> "Install went well" I'll assume the latter, and guess that grub did not
> get configured correctly.  You may have the grub info from RH9 in the
> boot record on /dev/hda5 rather than FC1.  Info from "fdisk -l", "/etc/
> fstab", and "/boot/grub/grub.conf" would be useful.

Windows is fine off extended, windows XP can do some creative repartitioning
(overlapping) when you try and make it do it, but ultimately it's okay...
> I'd forget the Windoze boot loader and put GRUB in the MBR, but then I'm
> clueless on multiboot with M$ in charge.  Provide the info above and
> perhaps I or someone else can help with one approach or the other.

I'd agree 100 percent.  Why bother letting windows know about anything other
than windows, it's just safer not to...


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