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Re: Things I've noticed so far with fc2-test1

Sessoms, Mack wrote:
> cd's don't automatically eject anymore during install
> nautilus looks and behaves horribly.  i've never entertained a desktop 
> env. other than gnome, i may now.
> sound works with some apps, not all
> graphical greeter screens don't display properly, especially "happy gnome"
> i cannot successfully save my isp preferences when using the internet 
> configuration wizard
> system settings-->server settings-->* applets don't work
> sound & video-->volume control doesn't work

My observations so far:

Setting UARTs to 2309400 or 460800 doesn't work
USB mouse stops working after a while (OK through hub)
UDP broadcast doesn't work on some machines (1 machine here, 1 symptom
to do with ypbind reported on Bugzilla).

Managed to get a kernel fault when mingling CD burning and playing with
Firewire. Haven;t tried recreating yet so as to enter a Bugzilla report.

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