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Re: Can't boot Fedora Core 2 Test1 CDs on VIA C3 733 Motherboard

> I'm new to this list, I've downloaded the Fedora 2 Test1 ISOs and the 
> first disk partially boots on my U-Buddie Mini PC with a VIA C3 
> 733Mhz processor - I get past the press enter to install/upgrade and 
> the loading vmlinuz and initrd stage and hangs on the "Uncompressing 
> Linux....." message.
> The disk boots fine on a steam driven PII 266 so it's not the CD and 
> needless to say Fedora Core 1 has been running happily on the VIA box 
>  for months.

Yes, it's a known bug. The CDs were only spun to boot i686 for right now. It's in the Release Notes

In the meantime, you can use YUM to upgrade.
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