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Re: Evolution 1.5

On Tue, 2004-02-17 at 05:32, Mike Lurk wrote:
> Added this bug to bugzilla (115978). Evolution will not let you import
> any old Evolution 1.4 mbox files.

I had a conversation with Jeremy in #fedora-devel. He said he would be
downgrading Evolution from 1.5.3 to 1.4.5 since the Evolution 2.0
release has be delayed to after FC2's release. I think this is a good
idea since Evolution 1.5.x seems to have a long way to go before it is
as usable. It does have some long wanted features.

> I will be adding another one shortly. One that all should watch for.
> When installing FC2 test1 on a dual boot system, FC2 rearranges the
> partition tables. I installed Windows XP first on partition1. Then
> installed FC2 test1 on the remaining unpartitioned space on the hard
> drive. Then  I tried to boot to Windows XP and it wouldn’t. Grub was
> looking for Windows XP on hd0,0 but in actual fact it had moved to
> hd0,4. I check this out by running dos’s fdisk, this is what it looked
> like

Sounds like you let FC2 do automatic partitioning. IMHO this is always a
bad idea.

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