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Re: totem, gstplayer, rhythmbox on FC2

Kevin Bowen wrote :

> does anyone know of a totem or gst-player rpm that will install on
> FC2test1? Or gotten them to build successfully?
> Also, anyone else having rhythmbox refuse to add anything to the library?
> It seems to scan the directory, but not find anything. At first I thought
> it was because it didn't include a gstreamer mp3 plugin for legal reasons,
> but I've pointed it at oggs, wavs and flacs too - it just won't add
> anything.

If you like to live on the bleeding edge...

You should be able to recompile the gstreamer package with the name changed
back to "gstreamer" (one liner in the spec) and test on from there.
The latest totem rebuilds against gstreamer 0.7.x although there are some
recent patches in CVS to increase stability (especially seeking). As for
rhythmbox 0.7.x (devel), it works but with ASLA there are quirks that require
editing the GConf entry to specify the hw device to use, and the new
scheduler doesn't play well at all with it.

For gst-player, you'll need to wait for the next release before being able to
rebuild against gstreamer 0.7.x.

As I said... only if you live on the bleeding edge ;-)


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