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Re: New to the Linux world

I think he means he doesn't see any point in running linux, only to use it as a windows emulator to run ms windows programs.

Linux has a great GUI - several to choose from, in fact, and for just about anything you do in widows, there is a way to do it natively in linux as well. The main difference is that you no longer have to be afraid of opening your email, or clicking on URLS!

I'd recommend that you just buy the fedora CDs from cheapbytes, I think it was like $6 or so, then get your system set up with automatic updates, and you'll be good. There are plenty of people willing to help you make the swich.


Brittany wrote:

Whats the difference between pure Linux and Windows Linux? is what your talking about is the none graphical one? I really dont think i could handle it and would get bored in frusteration.

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    Just install it in your computer and you will see the great
    different between Windows and Linux, but it requires time to
    re-learn again, it is a different world, I prefer pure Linux I do
    not like windows-linux, emulator never works properly. Linux is linux.

    */Brittany <k9wolfz bellsouth net
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I am getting tired of the windows world and would like to
change my OS to Linux. By any chance do somebody have some
snapshots of fedora so i can see if i will get the hang of it.
I heard it's much more stable and just a BETTER OS then Windows.
Please reply.

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