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Re: setting 1280x800 for widescreen notebook

On Feb 17, 2004, Matteo Porta <mporta mail vu> wrote:

> hello, I'm using a notebook with a widescreen (native
> resolution is 1280x800). how can I set this resolution ?
> the only resolutions I'm able to use are 1024x768 and
> below (I'm using the vesa driver, since the ati radeon
> 9200 mobility seems not supported).

The list of resolutions available for the Vesa driver are set in the
Vesa BIOS code.  Vendors haven't always been very diligent in listing
all useful video modes there :-(  'fraid you may be stuck.

Complaining to the notebook vendor and requesting a BIOS upgrade might
work in your case.  In mine (a long time ago), Dell would tell me that
part of the BIOS code was from nVidia so Dell couldn't fix it, and
nVidia would tell me they couldn't fix it unless Dell requested it.

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