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Re: Will mysql 4 be in FC2?

Ken Snider wrote:
Nathan Bryant wrote:

| GPL, in theory, allows them to make more money selling commercial
| licenses to closed-source shops.

If this is really the holdup, then I'm prepared to champion the charge against
MySQL making exceptions for specific packages.

They already do for PHP. What other packages spcifically link with MySQL from
Core that they'd need to give their approval for?

It's silly to perpetually maintain MySQL 3 over this. Their licensing is
supposed to get commercial folk to pay when they distribute *their*
applications, not when an OS vendor ships a database.

I don't have a strong opinion either way since I am not a big fan of MySQL, although it has progressed somewhat in features in recent years.

However it seems that MySQL are within their rights even if they don't hold all the copyrights in the v3 client library - LGPL if I remember correctly includes a GPL-conversion clause.

Perl has the disjunctive license so should be legal to link with MySQL. Ditto Apache, which I believe has a sufficiently BSD-ish license to be compatible with the GPL. And of course PHP is exempt.

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