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Re: x864_64 up2date gone wild.

Gene C. writes:

On Tuesday 17 February 2004 11:11, Justin M. Forbes wrote:
On Mon, Feb 16, 2004 at 09:10:45PM -0500, Sam Varshavchik wrote:
> XFree86-libs-4.3.0-42 requires XFree86-libs-data-4.3.0-42
> I cannot figure out why it's stuck here.  Both XFree86-libs-4.3.0-55 and
> XFree86-libs-data-4.3.0-55 were selected for update.

These two packages are the two i386 packages for XFree86.  Do you have an
i386 update channel with the proper versions of these packages? Though it
does seem odd that the i386 package dependencies resolve on a 64bit package
update... I suppose it is good behavior as far as keeping things in sync,
but technically unecessary...

The FC x86_64 distribution has both the x86_64 and the i386 versions for the XFree86-libs and XFree86-libs-data packages.You need to make sure that /etc/sysconfig/rhn/sources have both the x86_64 and i386 update repositoies defined.

According to http://www.stl.gtri.gatech.edu/fedora/, I should only need:

yum updates http://www.stl.gtri.gatech.edu/fedora/x86_64/updates/

Right now, this directory contains only XFree86-libs-4.3.0-55.x86_64.rpm, and does not have the i386 rpm.

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