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Re : Alsa Muting

On Wed, 2004-02-18 at 11:51, fedora-test-list-request redhat com wrote:

> Message: 16
> Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2004 18:20:42 -0500 (EST)
> Subject: ALSA Muting (was Re: fedora-test-list digest, Vol 1 #546 - 33
> From: "William Hooper" <whooperhsd3 earthlink net>
> To: fedora-test-list redhat com
> Reply-To: fedora-test-list redhat com
> listmail said:
> > Maybe in order to please this line of logic, it's not so hard to
> > compromise:
> > 1. mute sound for a server only install AND place a warning dialogue
> > screen.
> > 2. NOT mute sound for a workstation install.
> According to the install doc at alsa-project.org:
> Note: All mixer channels are muted by default. You must use a native
>       or OSS mixer program to unmute appropriate channels (for example
>       mixer from the alsa-utils package).
> Seems to me that upstream defaults to muted, so FC defaulting to muted
> isn't really unexpected.
> Notice the lack of caring on my part one way or the other.  It's not
> your going to be reinstalling FC 2 every day or anything.
> -- 
> William Hooper
Yes I get the lack of caring...

However YOU WOULD if you had to pay for all the unnecessary support
generated by this paricular piece of geek 'uncaringness'.

listmail swiftdsl com au

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