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Synaptics touchpad - how do I get it to work?

There are a number of entries in Bugzilla that deal with various aspects of getting the Synaptics touchpad to work properly:


[Bug 99351] Add support for event layer synaptics driver
[Bug 99509] Synaptic touchpad fails on 2.6.0test1
[Bug 103497] Better kernel 2.6 and synaptics touchpad support for gpm
[Bug 112473] Mouse problems at touchpads at arjanv's Kernel 2.6
[Bug 114911] kernel 2.6.1 breaks trackpad tap-to-click
[Bug 115572] Synapics Touchpad-equipped Compaq N600c cannot install
[Bug 116091] Synaptics touchpad need to be supported.

With so many bugs discussing various approaches to getting it to work, it is hard to figure out the best way to get it working. Provided I am using a recent FC Devel version and would like to get it fully working (e.g. tap for left-click, double-tap for middle click, etc), what should I do? Thanks a lot for any suggestions.

Aleksey Nogin

Home Page: http://nogin.org/
E-Mail: nogin cs caltech edu (office), aleksey nogin org (personal)
Office: Jorgensen 70, tel: (626) 395-2907

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