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Re: What are the sources for up2date with Fedora2 test1?

On Wed, 2004-02-18 at 00:11 -0500, Ernest L. Williams Jr. wrote:

> Hi,
> Where should I point my sources for up2date on Fedora2 test 1?

That depends on what you want. Test releases of fedora doesn't usually
come with an update channel associated with them.

If you feel adventurous you may use the development yum source (it is
configured per default in fc2test1) but be warned, the this is bleeding
edge development and most of the time you need to do manual work to fix
for example missing dependencies.

The other alternative is not to update the test installation until the
new test release is released. (According to the schedule at 
http://fedora.redhat.com/participate/schedule/ that should be out March
8 but, as always, such dates can slip.) and only update selected parts
from the development tree with bugfixes you can't live without.

> Also, is it okay to use the latest 2.6 kernel?  Why is there such an
> early version in Fedora2?

The kernel shipped with fc2test1 was the latest one at the time of the
freeze for that release. If you want you can help out testing the
development kernels that keep coming, but be warned that things may
break and may require manual fixes/workarounds. Following the fedora-
devel list may be a good idea in such cases.


Det är lika dumt att tro att man blir fet av att äta fett, som att tro
att man blir grön av att äta grönsaker. -- Christer Enkvist, överläkare

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