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Re: Recommedations

XP does not have that restriction, so I would say it would have to be
something with the hardware of the machine in question preventing the full
160 gigs to show up.  Many hard drive vendors offer software to allow for
older computers to use the full hard drive space.  Maxtor for instance
offers a utility called MaxBlast.  All the others have something similar.  I
fear that fedora will also not show up the full hard drive space on your 160
gig drive.

What type of hard drive is it?


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> On Wednesday 18 February 2004 11:41, Brittany wrote:
> > Heres the reasons why i hate Windows so much.
> >
> > 1. It cost too much for an easy hacking tool, which anybody could hack
> > into. It is not stable, ACK! The blue screen of death, well i dont get
> > but i do get a Internet explorer error which causes my desktop to close
> > to restart again and closing all of my open files, most important my
> > downloads.
> The equivalent for this in Fedora would be X getting killed.  I have seen
> occasionally in RH8 and 9 but not in Fedora.  So I think this will
> go away for you.
> > I had gotten a 160GB hard drive for x mas and finially had the time to
> > install it and I had already reformated my hard drive and notice that
> > windows XP doesnt support big hard drives over 80GB. I hope that Linux
> > supports it so i can use of what my money went into the hard drive that
> > got. Another reason why i hate windows is that i suspect it did
> Does XP really have such a restriction, or is it your HDD controller or
> that is to blame instead?  Fedora definitely works with 250GB drives since
> have one.  But I worry that you PC is at fault here.
> > with my BIOS. The reasoning for my reformation is that out of no where
> > mouse moves the other way and if i click on certain mouse button the
> > goes up. It sometimes shuts off my programs that i am using without my
> > permission.
> This could be a few things, including your motherboard or your mouse.  If
> was caused by anything in XP it will likely get fixed by Fedora.
> Basically you sound like you have reasons to try Fedora, especially since
> can pull out your old HDD completely, stick the 160GB guy in and install
> Fedora on that.  Then you can always go back with no loss of data if there
> are problems.  People here will certainly be willing to help.
> If you can burn your own CDRs, download and burn these guys
> http://mirrors.kernel.org/fedora/core/1/i386/iso/yarrow-i386-disc1.iso
> http://mirrors.kernel.org/fedora/core/1/i386/iso/yarrow-i386-disc2.iso
> http://mirrors.kernel.org/fedora/core/1/i386/iso/yarrow-i386-disc3.iso
> Then set your BIOS to be able to boot from your CD drive, insert disc1 and
> reboot.
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