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Re: Lets standardize on KDE

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On Wednesday 18 February 2004 11:04, Stephen Moore wrote:

> I don't like the fact that some people feel we have to copy other
> operating systems behaviour, but I can live with it.
> What drives me nuts is when you are forced to choose their way, or the
> highway.

Nope, you choose their way or KDE -- Konqueror does not perform these 
outrages, and is demonstrably faster and easier to use than Nautilus.  Also 
IMHO (since the rest of this is just an opinon) Konqueror has been 
significantly easier to use since at least RH8.  I don't know why RH continue 
to worship the Gnome Desktop god when KDE has obviously outstripped and 
outclassed it for some years.  Since this User Linux thing is going down that 
same wrong path, I seriously suggest the heresy that Fedora drop Gnome (the 
Desktop, not the libs) and go with just KDE.  In addition more apps could 
come over from KDE than are currently included in Fedora and reinvigorate the 
redhat-* apps.  For people who are using KDE in Fedora this would also lead 
to a smoothter and more functional experience (eg, kde being able to talk 
correctly to KDM to control logouts and shutdowns in one step).

- -Andy

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