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Re: What is IIim/htt

On Wed, 2004-02-18 at 07:03, Andy Green wrote:
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> On Wednesday 18 February 2004 11:58, Bob Chiodini wrote:
> > When changing runlevels (5->3), It looks like the IIim init script tries
> > to restart something called htt effectively filling my logs with
> > errors.  I have not noticed this (IIim or htt) in prior RedHat distros.
> > What is it?  What is it for?  Is it safe to chkconfig --del it?
> >
> > BTW:  Of the two FC2/T1 boxes I have running only one has the IIim init
> > script, both are "everthing" installs.
> http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&lr=&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&q=IIim+htt&btnG=Google+Search
> Something to do with language support in X it seems.  If you're just using 
> western languages I guess you can nuke it.  Also try
> rpm -q --whatprovides /path/to/initscript-file
> to find out which rpm owns it, then you can rpm -e that rpm.
> - -Andy

Thanks Andy,

I googled earlier, but did not get much insight.  It's still pretty
early here.  Also thanks for the rpm tip.

BTW:  IIim comes from iiimf-server-11.4-9.  Where that comes from ...?


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