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Re: Lets standardize on KDE

On Wednesday 18 February 2004 12:21, Andy Green wrote:
> On Wednesday 18 February 2004 11:04, Stephen Moore wrote:
> > I don't like the fact that some people feel we have to copy other
> > operating systems behaviour, but I can live with it.
> >
> > What drives me nuts is when you are forced to choose their way, or the
> > highway.
> Nope, you choose their way or KDE -- Konqueror does not perform these
> outrages, and is demonstrably faster and easier to use than Nautilus.  Also
> IMHO (since the rest of this is just an opinon) Konqueror has been
> significantly easier to use since at least RH8.  I don't know why RH
> continue to worship the Gnome Desktop god when KDE has obviously
> outstripped and outclassed it for some years.  Since this User Linux thing
> is going down that same wrong path, I seriously suggest the heresy that
> Fedora drop Gnome (the Desktop, not the libs) and go with just KDE.  In
> addition more apps could come over from KDE than are currently included in
> Fedora and reinvigorate the redhat-* apps.  For people who are using KDE in
> Fedora this would also lead to a smoothter and more functional experience
> (eg, kde being able to talk correctly to KDM to control logouts and
> shutdowns in one step).
> -Andy
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I have to agree with you about KDE vs gnome, I've used both for long period 
but IMHO KDE has alway been ahead of Gnome and I have to say KDE3.2 is 


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