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Inspiron 1100 troubles

I use an Inspiron 1100 with a Intel 845 graphics card. As recommended, I downloaded and installed the "fix" for my 800X600 screen resolution from Intel's website. I upgraded from Fedora Core 1 to Fedora Core 2 Test 1 to try to fix this, but it didn't work. Here's what I get during start-up:

General errors?

insmod: error inserting '/lib/modules/2.6.1-1.65/kernel/drivers/acpi/toshiba_acpi.ko' -1 no such device

modprobe FATAL: module keybdev not found

modprobe FATAL: module mousedev not found

checking for new hardware: FATAL: Error inserting floppy (/lib/modules/2.6.1-1.65/kernel/drivers/block/floppy.ko): no such device (I don't have a floppy drive in my machine)

starting smartd: hda: ATAPI 16x DVD-ROM CD-R/RW drive 2048kb Cashe, UDMA(33) [FAILED]

display related?

FATAL ERROR: NO screens found
x server log file /var/log/xfree86.1.log
x server config file /etc/X11/XF86Config
Kernel log file: /var/log/messages

XIO: fatal IO error 104 (Connection reset by peer) on X server ":1.0" after 0 requests (0 known processed) with 0 exents remaining)
Trace back (most recent call last)
File "/usr/share/firstboot.py"line 207 in ?
import first boot window
File "usr/src/firstboot/firstbootWindow/py", line 28 in ?
import gtk
File "usr/src/build/322659-I386/install/usr/lib/python2.3/site-packages/gtk-2.0/gtk/_init_.py", line 43 in ?

Runtime Error: could not open display window manager error: unable to open X display: 1

Your help will be very much appreciated. Thank you.

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