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Re: where are libgimp and libgimpui?

On Wed, 18 Feb 2004, seth vidal wrote:

> sure you're allowed to run it - but you should know that at any given
> time development/rawhide could be very broken as to its deps. so you can
> run it all you  want, it just might not work.

  just in case there's anyone here who *isn't* thoroughly annoyed with 
my obsession over this, this doesn't answer one of my previous questions 
-- is there a channel for officially-sanctioned FC2-test1 updates or not?

  as an example, i'm looking at the hierarchy under the fedora download
site and, in the midst of that hierarchy, i see


wouldn't this be the proper place for a 1.90/ subdirectory for just those
RPMs that have been cleared for this test release?  clearly, rawhide is 
too dynamic for this purpose.  so, where would such a channel exist?  if 
it should exist at all.


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