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Re: Upgrading from Red Hat 9

Devin Whalen wrote:

However, Red Hat 9 does have a boot disk so I am going to install Red
Hat 9 on my laptop and then I am wondering if there is an easy way to
upgrade to Fedore Core 2 without having to boot off the cd?? Can I just
run a command that will start upgrading?

If you install yum, you could in theory pull the devel repository and get the updated Fedora Core 2 Test 1.

As a side note, my Fedora Core 2 Disk 1 will not boot up on my computer
that can boot off a cd-rom....what gives?  I really don't want all the
time I spent downloading the cds to be a waste of time.  Do I have to do
something to the CD?  (I downloaded the rpms one)

Is your computer considered a true i686 or higher? PPro, PII, or Athlon or higher? Via, K6-2, etc. do not count.

What about installing off the hard drive?  Is there any documentation on
this?  Or should I just rest my drinks on my FC2 cds and give Mandrake a
go :(

If you can copy the boot image from the CD-ROM to the hard drive, and create a grub entry as mentioned earlier on the list, you can avoid the CD-ROM to boot. Here's a thought:

Do a very minimal install of RH9 - enough to get Grub in there, and enough for you to get in and edit grub.conf and to copy the FC2-test1 boot image. Then install fresh. I wouldn't recommend an upgrade at this point from 2 versions behind, unless you enjoy looking through .rpmnew and .rpmsave files for differences.



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