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Re: Printer definition failure

On Wednesday 18 February 2004 12:36, Gerry Tool wrote:
> When I tried to set up a printer, I found the Printing Manager to show that
> the LPR/LPRNG printing system was selected instead of the now standard CUPS
> system.  I changed that, and then tried to set up a printer.
> After setting up all the printer attributes, it presented an Authorization
> Dialog asking for a Username and Password.  Using the root values, it
> failed. It asked twice before presenting the failure dialog.  I then
> retried using my user values, and the same thing repeated.
> I have all the printing packages provided in rawhide today installed.
> Is this repeatable?  If so, I'll be happy to buzilla it.
Added info:

I logged out, logged in as root to see if I could set it up.  It was already 
defined!  Logged back in as a user, printer was flagged with a problem.  
Opened Gnome Print Manager. Decided to edit the printer - this time it asked 
me for a root password and let me edit it.  I found that it was set up as Raw 
rather than as a PCL6 that I had tried to set up.    Changed, and the printer 
now works.

I will definitely look for this in bugzilla and make an entry.


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