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Re: Lets take the worst of windows and make it the unchangeable defaultof linux

Alexander Larsson wrote:

If the "force people to use it" only applies during the testing, then
that is fair enough. I just hope that sentiment does not continue past
the testing faze as i don't really like being "forced" to do any thing,
especially if i don't like it, and it is considerably inconvenient to

Yeah. Although it *will* be a hidden preference.

Hidden preferences? I don't like the sound of that.

I too dislike the new mode in nautilus, but don't care to argue about it. But this whole "no choice" thing is all wrong.

My girlfriend recently wanted to be rid of the Nautilus-generated Trash and Home icons on the desktop, without actually getting rid of nautilus...It took me half an hour to find where that option was hidden away in gconf-editor, some kind of Registry-like beast. This is not the way to win friends or keep users. In at least one previous version, this was an easy to find option, in the normal Nautilus preferences...I'd like to see it come back to being easy to find. Likewise for this navigation mode of Nautilus. It makes no sense to effectively remove functionality and replace it with something considered by many to be inferior.

I'm all for hiding complexity from the user, but give us an "Advanced" button or something so we can fix anything we perceive to be broken-by-default.

So, if you mean "Hidden behind an Advanced Options button", then there's no problem. But if you mean "Hidden somewhere in gconf-editor and thoroughly undocumented because I think everyone should use this the way I use it", then it's a serious problem.
Joe Cooper <joe swelltech com>
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