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Re: Lets take the worst of windows and make it the unchangeabledefault of linux

> I find it interesting that most people who dislike the new spatial mode
> also add a comment that they don't actually use Nautilus. For any change
> there will always be some people who don't like it. Hopefully the people
> who actually use Nautilus will like it better.

I use it extensively and hate it. Plus, If you are so concerned about
the user experience, doing such a drastic change is unacceptable.

> Anyway, the default behaviour is decided and won't change. Maybe at some

Ohh, yes it will. At least on my desktop. I alway thought that nautilus
has become a much uglier mess than the one it was meant to fix (gmc). I
want gmc back.

> point before 2.6 we'll add a preference that lets you default to
> navigational mode. However, we'd like to force people to use spatial
> mode in order to flush out all bugs from it (and make some people notice
> that its actually nice).

I actually noticed how horrid it really is.
You'll force people to switch to KDE instead. Arrogance is not a way to
create a user community.

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