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Re: Lets take the worst of windows and make it the unchangeable defaultof linux

Z wrote:

Ohh, yes it will. At least on my desktop. I alway thought that nautilus
has become a much uglier mess than the one it was meant to fix (gmc). I
want gmc back.

I looked around for gmc but could not find current development with it. I thought that it was a rather nice gui file manager and hated to see it go. I noticed that the mime types were handled better with gmc than with nautilus.

They both seemed to work alright before when both were included. I'd like to see more file managers available for more choices again. I don't think that a RHL 5.2 scheme (many many file managers) is needed.

When using a file manager for the GUI. I like for it to be able to add different mime types easily and clearly. It is also great if when installing new applications, they can register their default actions correctly and easily.

I also like to be able to click my wat to my file location, within one window. I like to have the browser bar available for cut and pasting links etc.

Also, when using MS windows products, I realized that all of my desired activities need to be done with a right click. So having the ability to change as meany behaviors or actions with right clicking will not be foreign activity to me. I prefer for the file manager to be easily configurable to the users desires. I don't think that stripping it down for easy customization is the way to go.

I detect icon view and prefer the detailed listing with all of the information. I know that ICONS are big for other users, but at least it is configurable according to user desires.

To be more fair with the spatial view of nautilus. I found it good for browsing files that are only one level deep from the $HOME location. It is great for deleting pictures that you do not desire. I feel that browsing would be just as easy for the user. The rembering what screen location might be nice. But if such a feature is added to the browser, shouldn't a pulldown or bar that you type information to the location be easy to add?

Also, wouldn't the windows position get well "caked" with a lot of windows locations? If you browse deep into many locations, wouldn't a lot of information have to be cached? When you delete a directory, will this information still linger behind?


point before 2.6 we'll add a preference that lets you default to
navigational mode. However, we'd like to force people to use spatial
mode in order to flush out all bugs from it (and make some people notice
that its actually nice).

This mode makes one think about clicking on a game or something. This is the first behavior that I'd revert to the browser mode. I'd really prefer a two panel browser, like mc.

I actually noticed how horrid it really is. You'll force people to switch to KDE instead. Arrogance is not a way to create a user community.

A friend of mine won't get a divorce, because he hates lawyers more than he
hates his wife.

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