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Re: Lets take the worst of windows and make it the unchangeabledefault of linux

On Wed, 2004-02-18 at 14:56, Douglas Furlong wrote:

> I thought one of the main points of these test releases was to allow the
> developers to get feedback on bugs.
> Obviously they will want the default's to be tested most regerously, especially
> if the default has changed substantially.
> So to me it would make a bit of sense to force it apon a tester (I think this is

Well, but no one can do that. I can't be forced. I won't use it. A lot
of people won't use it either. If I cared for nautilus enough, I'd make
a patch myself, but with all the other annoyances (MIME screwups,
ask-before-move file, etc), I'd be more compelled to just drop it. It
seems that the disk mounts lines on the context menu are gone, too. I
loved that, it was way better than freaking magicdev. It seems that all
the features that I use will be gone, replaced by behaviour that I don't
want. Every time I do an install I spend an ungodly amount of time
customizing nautilus. It used to be just a few changes to get it nice
and pretty, now it's a bunch to make it _usable_, and I still can't get
the damn thing to behave the way I _want_.

> an important distintion, we are no longer clear cutter users), when I
> challenged Alex on this point he confirmed that later on there will be a
> *hidden* option to set the browse mode as the default.
> He also explained breifly (off list) why having a more accesible option is some
> thing he feel's can lead to one hell of a nightmare. I don't compleately agree

I can't see how this can possibly be, because the current version is

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