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Re: Upgrading from Red Hat 9

area214 sbcglobal net wrote:

<< So there is not boot disk....I have seen like 5 submissions regarding this and I think we can all agree that there is no bootdisk.img :)

However, Red Hat 9 does have a boot disk so I am going to install Red
Hat 9 on my laptop and then I am wondering if there is an easy way to
upgrade to Fedore Core 2 without having to boot off the cd?? Can I just
run a command that will start upgrading?

As a side note, my Fedora Core 2 Disk 1 will not boot up on my computer
that can boot off a cd-rom....what gives? I really don't want all the
time I spent downloading the cds to be a waste of time. Do I have to do
something to the CD? (I downloaded the rpms one) >>
Same problem as well.

I had trouble getting the installation CDs to boot off of a computer that also is able to boot off of a CDROM usually. To get around the problem, I cleared the hard disk. This allowed the CD to boot, since there was no hard disk that was bootable.

I am not sure as to the reasoning behind this. The BIOS was set to boot from floppy, then CDROM, then Hard disk.

You might be able to run fdisk (windows) and unset the active partition. Then try to boot from the CD again. I believe that not having an active partition would allow the CD to boot, with no fuss from the hard disk interference. Then you could reset the active partition with either linux or windows fdisk.

Just a thought.


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