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Re: Why not drop the Core from Fedora Core?

Thiago Vinhas de Moraes wrote:

Ok, but cat /etc/fedora-release and you'll get:
Fedora Core release 1.90 (FC2 Test 1)

It's fine for a beta, but for a final release, I think it should be only
Fedora version 2

Just a question: why didnt you guys complain about Red Hat 9? It could be only Hat version 9... Come on!

Why are people trying to change the name? I dont really care if the guys at work call Fedora "fedorento" [1]... I dont care if it
is called Fedora Core , Fedora zambs , Fedora something , Fedora Ultra master Plus version 2... I only care if this distro has the right stuff in it...
no broken dependencies (like Suse , for example) , no closed source drivers , no risk of DMCA problems... I just want a distro I can install on
any server and it will work perfectly.... and fedora fits the bill here...

So , let's forget about this. The name is only a name , nothing more. I'm here for the distro , no matter its name...

Pedro Macedo

[1] -> the adjective "fedorento" (translation for "stinky") is being used at work as a noun to call fedora... maybe in a hard way , because
those who are calling Fedora this way are Suse users...

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